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Having grown up in the trade of home building and commercial construction in Texas, Scott Thompson has seen the best and the worst in the industry and is proud to continue in his father’s footsteps of performing at the industries highest ethical and quality standards. For 50 years, he’s watched and participated as S.B. Thompson Construction transformed dreams into reality; from paper and concepts to physical spaces to be shared with family, friends, customers, and co-workers.

Over the years, S.B. Thompson Construction Company has overseen and built many different projects from incredible custom homes with a hill country view, or full home renovations to make a home feel like new; from ground up commercial buildings, to retail store build outs to make a dream a reality. With all these structures standing tall, their greatest pride is in the relationships they’ve built and maintained over the years. As other contractors have come and gone and the years reveal the quality of work, Sidney and Scott can still be found having dinner in the dining rooms they’ve built for over 30 years ago.

Our Family Builds Your Dreams

S.B. Thompson Construction is a privately held and family-owned business. We believe in building relationships where our client’s dreams can thrive. We can meet a variety of client needs, from a luxury custom home or commercial project from the ground up, to retail fit-out or ADA compliance renovations.

We have succeeded in all these aspects of commercial and residential construction right here in Central Texas since 1974, and we strive to continue that tradition into the future. We truly believe that our clients’ satisfaction is what reinforces our company’s strong foundation for current and future success.

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A Bit Of Our History

S.B. Thompson Construction was founded in 1974 after Sidney Thompson decided to change his career path and move to Plano, Texas. He had successfully pursued a passion in coral conducting but found himself pulled back to his foundational trade of quality construction. Sidney had been watching his father plan, manage, and build residential and commercial projects as a superintendent for a large firm in Mississippi since his earliest memory, and he began working alongside him at the age of 12. From day one, Sidney Thompson took pride in honest and thorough planning, quality construction, and the relationship that builds between contractors, partners, and customers as they work from groundbreaking to completion. In Plano, he built high end homes and duplexes, performed detailed historical restoration, and worked with architects to bring businesses to life with commercial construction. As he and his crew built solid, tangible buildings, they also built strong relationships.

By 1993 Sidney was growing his small family along with his career in construction and he decided to move both of them to Wimberley, Texas. With relationships through his church, and continued referrals from his Dallas area clients, Sidney became known throughout Central Texas as a respectable home builder who was committed to transparency in cost, dedication to deadlines, honesty in all regards, and utmost quality in all levels and areas of every construction project. With these foundational traits the business thrived.

In 2013 Sidney’s son, Scott, who had also grown up watching the craft of communication, planning, and construction, joined his team. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Texas Tech, 4 years in the United States Air Force, and 4 years as a consultant managing contracts with the U.S. Department Of Defense, Scott was ready to join the family business.

Scott Thompson is now the primary owner, operator of S.B. Thompson Construction. He runs the business with pride and a commitment to quality unmatched in the industry.

Honor & Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of our company. At S.B. Thompson Construction, we understand the significance of entrusting us with your dreams, and we take that responsibility to heart. You can rest assured knowing that we treat you like family and prioritize your vision and your peace of mind above all else.

Let Our Family Build For Yours

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